zona Martiska_

“Music exists in time; architecture, instead, does exist in space. Dance lives altogether in space and time.” Curt Sachs_

Zona Martiska consists of an immersive performance in which all participants share the intimacy of a collective urban exploration. Freely inspired by "Stalker" of A.Tarkovskij, the performance guides the audience through unexplored and abandoned architectural pieces. The scene is dominated by two main entities. On the one hand, an interactive robot is scanning the space, measuring distances and turning them into a soundscape that interacts with the moving audience. On the other hand, performers are equipped with body sensors that translate their movement into sound modulations. The result is a unique and site-specific performance that is the sum of an evocative venue, the sinuous body movements of the performers and the interaction of the audience with the robot.

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A project developed by an informal collective, incubated within Associazione Coorpi and promoted by Compagnia di San Paolo as part of the ORAx! public residency program

Venue: Parco della Mandria, Turin

Date: November 2019

Photo and video credits: Klak Stories for Artists