“Malleable and organic user interfaces have the potential to enable radically new forms of interactions and expressiveness through flexible, free-form and computationally controlled shapes and displays. Hiroshi Ishii_

Even if ubiquitous computing is allowing us to close the gap between our real and our digital lives, the interaction modalities through which this happens are still somehow cumbersome. Squamae is an exploratory attempt to design a wearable device that can seamlessly communicate information through its changing shape. Crafted in PLA and flexible rubber, Squamae is a matrix of 16 physical pixels that can be actuated independently and flip upward. The interface can be used to display different kinds of digital information, from descriptive (e.g. notifying you that an email is being sent), to prescriptive (e.g. telling you which direction to take).

Final bachelor project developed individually at the Technical University of Eindhoven, supervisioned by Panos Markopoulos and Qi Wang;

Venue: Faculty of Industrial Design Tu/e, Eindhoven

Date: January 2016