“Hey Dave” said Hal. “What are you doing?” I wonder if he can feel pain? Bowman thought briefly. Probably not, he told himself. ” Arthur Clarke_

The more CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) tools populated our desks, the more designers got confined to a making process which consists of preparing a computer drawing. The digital maker is totally detached from the actual fabrication process, whereas in the old days he used to be in control of it through the tools he was handling. Is it possible to bring back intuitive and expressive qualities in controllers of modern CNC machines? Looking back at science-fiction movies (Star Trek, 2001: a Space Odyssey, Star Wars) I tried to pick out several examples of effective controllers for controlling a robotic arm in a both intuitive and expressive way.

Masters Thesis research developed individually at Interactive Architecture Lab and supervisioned by Ruairi Glynn and Yuri Suzuki;

Venue: Bartlett School of Architecture, London

Date: June 2017