dynamic street_

“The Dynamic Street creates a space for urban experimentation: with this project, we aim to create a streetscape that responds to citizens’ ever-changing needs,” Carlo Ratti_

CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati has worked with Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs in Toronto to design The Dynamic Street, a prototype of a modular and reconfigurable paving system which hints at the possibility of the streetscape seamlessly adapting to people’s needs. Imagine an urban street, nestled between buildings with mostly foot and bicycle traffic. During the morning and evening hours, there might be a steady stream of commuters heading to work. In the middle of the day and the evening, families might use the street as a play space. And on the weekend, the street could be cleared for a block party or a basketball game. In order to reconfigure the streetscape for multiple uses, the project explores the different patterns that can be created on the hexagonal grid as well as the integration of lights into individual pavers. 

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A project by Sidewalk Labs with CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati

Venue: 307 Quayside Toronto

Date: June 2018

Photo credits: David Pike