circular garden_

“As we continue our collective quest for a more responsive ‘living’ architecture, we will increasingly blur the boundaries between the worlds of the natural and the artificial. What if tomorrow we might be able to program matter to ‘grow a house’ like a plant?” Carlo Ratti_

The installation, called “The Circular Garden,” was grown from soil over six weeks time – and was returned to the soil at the end of Milan Design Week. It is composed of a series of arches, adding up to a record 1-kilometer-long mycelium, and experiments with sustainable structures that can grow organically and then return to nature in a fully circular way. Many pavilions designed for temporary exhibitions and fairs – such as for Milan Design Week – end up generating large amounts of waste. The Circular Garden project was reused in a circular fashion – mushrooms, ropes and wood chips returned back to the soil and small metal elements were recycled.

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A project by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati for Eni, as part of “INTERNI Human Spaces”

Venue: Orto Botanico Brera, Milan Design Week

Date: April 2019

Photo credits: Marco Beck Peccoz