I am a trans-disciplinary designer passionate about envisioning, making and debating_

Career path_


Born in Piacenza, Italy, and European as a choice, Luca is a designer that does not like to talk about himself in third person.


My work lies at the intersection of technology, art, design and architecture. Every single day, I try to put myself in such situations where I am challenged to be a trans-disciplinary designer. I can be a digital fabricator now and be a UX/UI designer in a few hours. I can be a creative technologist today and be an architectural designer tomorrow. Currently, I am based in Turin, Italy, where I work as an interaction designer at Carlo Ratti Associati, that is a fun and hectic spot to play around with technology, humans and the built environment.

During my student-life, I proactively wanted to diversify my academic experience. In fall 2017 I graduated from a Masters in Architectural Design at Interactive Architecture Lab, Bartlett School of Architecture, UK. And how 'bout my undergrad? Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology, NL. In between these main experiences, I made up some time to obtain the Fab Academy diploma at Fab Lab Toscana, Siena. Lastly, I also willingly decided to spend a freezing winter at Carnegie Mellon School of Design, US, for an exchange.

Interaction design / Robotics / Digital Fabrication / Traditional crafting / Creative coding / Computer-Human Interaction




2013_ Beijing Design Week, China, project Experio @ Do Dutch Design exhibit;

2014_ Dutch Design Week, The Netherlands, project Experio @ Tu/e exhibit;

2016_ Malmö Sider Conference, Sweden, project Squamae

2017_ Bartlett B-PRO Show, United Kingdom, project About Us

2018_ Milan Design Week, Italy, project Jerry @ Zona Sant'Ambrogio

2019_ Paratissima Torino, Italy, project Zona Martiska

2018_ "Arduino & IxD Workshop", IED Turin, Turin, IT;
2019_ “Design for a circular economy”, Istituto Marangoni, Milano, IT;
2019_ "Innovation in exhibition", YAC Academy, Bologna, IT;

2020_ “Make it, move it”,  Karlsruhe University of Arts & Design, Karlsruhe, DE;

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