Skip_Tangible Spotify Interface

Skip is a tangible interface for Spotify, which combines a versatile yet simple interface with the possibilities of online streaming. Inspired by the Zippo lighter, Skip is designed to be used on the go. It allows for two basic functions: first, one could discover new music, listening to the randomly proposed songs and skip the disliked ones by flipping the lid. Second, through pressing the lid down, one could download a song into the device, adding it to a playlist. Skipping songs and saving them through pushing the lid becomes an elegant sequence of actions, making such a basic interaction aesthetically compelling and pleasant.

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Curricular project, 2 weeks (Spring 2014); Developed in a team of four with “Exploring aesthetic and intuitive interaction”, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands; Coached by Stephen Wensween;


Interaction Design, Aesthetics in Interaction, Product Design, Branding;