GoS_Game of Stimuli

GoS is the result of my internship work at the Laboratory of Robotics and Learning Technologies. The project resulted in an interactive game-like interface especially designed for children with autism. Through a game, it helps children to better focus during a given activity both in an individual and collaborative setting. It consists of 5 pushing buttons integrated with an RGB LED feedback. The system allows the therapists to customise the set-up of play activities, according to the needs of the children. During the semester a protocol was written together with the cognitive psychologist of the team and the prototype was tested with 6 children and adolescents at the Autism association “Piccolo Principe” in Siena. Results have been published at two relevant field conferences.

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Internship Project, 14 weeks (Fall 2014); Developed individually at Laboratory of Robotics and Learning Tecnologies, University of Siena, Italy; Coached by Prof. Patrizia Marti and Prof. Caroline Hummels;


Research-through-design, Design for Autism, Game Design, Field Trial;


. Giacolini, L. Marti, P. Iacono, I. “Game of Stimuli”: an Exploratory Tangible Interface Designed for Autism. In Proc.of ECCE 2015, June 30th, July 3rd 2015, Warsaw, Poland;
. Marti, P. Giacolini, L. Iacono, I. Technologies for the Development of Play Skills in Autistic Children. In Proc. of ACHI 2016, April 24-28th, 2016, Venice, Italy;