Experio_Dance Music Generator

Experio is a novel interactive dance floor aimed at a more active relationship between the audience and the performer of modern electronic music. The purpose is to let the people from the crowd have an influence on the sound, so that they can take more ownership in shaping their own experience. That happens when one steps into the laser beam blanket: by interrupting it, a tone or a sound effect is produced. While the DJ is playing a beat, one or two audience participant at the time can add layers of melodies by using their body expressivity. Experio has been presented at several international venues, such as Beijing Design Week and Dutch Design Week.

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Curricular project, 20 weeks (spring 2013/ fall 2013); Developed in a team of four at Out of Control Theme, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands; Coached by Izabela Boloz and Maurits De Koning;


Physical Computing, Sound Design, Interactive Installation, Experience Design;


. Junggeburth, M., Giacolini, L., Rooij, T. van, Hout, B. van, Hengeveld, B.J., Funk, M. & Frens, J.W. Experio: a lasertriggered dance music generator. In Proc. of the DeSForM Conference, September 22nd-25th 2013, Wuxi, China;
. Van Hout, J. Giacolini, L. Hengeveld, B.J. Funk & M. Frens, J. Experio: a Design for Novel Audience Participation in Club Settings. In Proc. of NIME Conference, June 31st-July 3rd 2014, London, UK;


. Beijing Design Week, Do Dutch Design Exhibit, September 26th - October 3rd 2013 @ 751 D-Park, Beijing, China;
. Dutch Design Week, Industrial Design Tu/e Exhibit, October 19-27th 2013 @ Tu/e, Eindhoven, The Netherlands;
. Bright Day Amsterdam, November 23rd 2013 @ Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
. Extrema Outdoor Dance Festival, July 12th 2014 @Aquabest, Best, The Netherlands;