G00 X6000_A Candle's Decorator

G00 X6000 is the maximum coordinate on the x-axis that the machine can reach. The project represents a technical challenge where the actual content slides to the background. As part of the Fab Academy course, a digital fabrication master class offered worldwide by MIT’s Centre for Bits and Atoms, G00 X6000 is a lathe that can be programmed using three axis. All the mechanical pieces are designed so that they can be reproduced at each Fab Lab in the world. The whole project has been made available open source on Git, according to the philosophy of the course. The machine can be built in each one of the Labs of the network. Full documentation can be found on the repository.

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Module project, 2 weeks (Spring 2016); Developed in a team of three during Fab Academy 2016, FabLab Toscana, Italy;


Digital Manufacturing, Mechanical Design, Advanced Electronics, FabLab;