Ciao, this is my portfolio

I am an interaction designer passionate about envisioning, making and debating. I have a deep interest in human-computer interaction, robots, physical computing and speculative design

About me, nothing special though.

Italian by origin and European as a choice, Luca is an interaction designer that does not like to talk about himself in third person. I am keen on the intersection of technology, art, philosophy and making. Currently, I am based in Turin, Italy, where I work as interaction designer at innovation office Carlo Ratti Associati, that is possibly one of the most hectic and creative hubs across the Milky Way. In the past I jumped a bit in between architecture, design, engineering. In fall 2017 I graduated from a Masters in Architectural Design at IA Lab, University College of London, UK. Before that I obtained the Fab Academy diploma at Fab Lab Toscana, Siena, Italy. As an undergraduate I proactively wanted to diversify my academic experience. While pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology , The Netherlands, my curiosity brought me to Carnegie Mellon School of Design, US, for an exchange.

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My skill-set, sort to say.

Design Research

I believe in the encounter of HCI research and practice, and I see the making of prototypes as the bridge. I have worked on projects that show my interest for academy and were published in field-relevant conferences.


Next to the use of traditional wood-modelling machines, I can design both 2D (Adobe Illustrator) and 3D (Solidworks) and operate CNC machines, such as laser-cutter, CNC-router, 3D printers and UR-10 robots

Electronics and

I have the basic yet in-depth set of programming knowledge that is required for an interaction designer. I can code Arduino, Processing, html and Javascript. Moreover, I can design and produce basic electronic boards


During my career I have been surrounded by technical people as well as humanists. I believe in inter-disciplinary teams that foster debate within cutting-edge projects. I think I fit in such heterogeneous environments

Projects that are less bad than others.

This selection of projects in the realm of tangible interaction design, interactive installations and digital fabrication.

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